Dear visitor, My name is Roman, and you are currently viewing the modern web designer and developer. In my person you’ll find not only a specialist who knows his business, but also a man with whom easy to find a common language! My work – it is always original, fresh and creative approach to each task.

Creating websites has always been a very time-consuming and laborious work. Though the Internet is a virtual reality, but the knowledge, time and effort spent on the creation of sites, the very real, hence the attitude to the favourite occupation is a very serious. A good sense of style allows me to make the Internet brighter and more exciting.


Business and personal qualities –

Assembled and self-confident, dedicated,always make a plan before to performing the work, self-disciplined and able to work in a team. Interested in regular customers.
After the discussion, I have clear and precise objectives, and abstract thinking enables me to offer alternative options for completing the tasks.


Basic skills –

Languages: Russian, technical English
Photoshop / Illustrator


Cooperation –

I’m always glad to cooperate with other developers, web studios, designers, or those who are interested to create high quality web products on mutually beneficial terms. I’m completely open to discuss any industrial and commercial matters. I am ready to become a decent and reliable partner, to join a team and take on all the commitments to implement any ideas and tasks relating to the web industry issues.

Take a look at my services

There is a misconception that website development is easy, simple and fast. It seems that it’s enough to click a few buttons in a free web-constructor and the site will bear fruit, well, to tell the truth – it does not work this way. Sites developed in web-constructors are always limited in its functionality and bad optimized in its internal functions, as well as for search engines, its design is always trivial and similar to the others.

I provide high quality web service, which means, you’ll get what you wanted! Basically, my specialty is: business card site, online store, catalog site, corporate website, promotional website, landing page and site completion functionality.

My services include:

  • Assistance in the preparation of technical specifications for your web project.
  • The development of the CMS website on popular search, selection and refinement of the desired template, the template layout, preview the image of the future site, domain registration, search for a suitable hosting, installation and configuration of your website hosting, publication on the internet site.
  • Adaptation of an existing site for mobile devices.
  • Filling your site content: goods online store, textual and graphical information and other files.
  • Logo design and corporate identity, creation of graphic elements, color combinations, fonts, anything that provides individuality of both the site and promotional materials of the company.
  • Installation, completion of additional functionality for your website: a forum, photo gallery, online shop, slider, site map, contact form, etc.
  • Initial SEO promotion, adding the site to search engines and directories. Internal website optimization for better indexing by search engines, HTML and CSS validation, code correction, and more.
  • Administer your website, writing a training manual on the use of the different functions of the site.

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